Tool Tray EXPERT 10

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size: 195x90x19 mm;
stainless medical steel;
wavy bottom for convenient tool placement;
can be used for disinfection and storage of instruments

Stainless steel tray 195x90x19 mm
Tool sterilization is a significant stage in the work of pedicure and manicure masters in salons. It is not only the reputation of your salon and you as a master, but also the health of your visitors. At the end of the day, it's just a matter of honour and conscience for anyone who manicures professionally. Therefore, a tray for sterilizing the instrument is necessary in any salon, regardless of the location. Moreover, the question of sterilizing nail instruments is the first thing that regulatory authorities and conscientious clients will ask you.

Staleks offers a polished stainless steel tray for disinfection, pre-sterilization preparation and storage of instruments after sterilization. In such a tray, you can also place instruments for manipulation when performing pedicure and cosmetic procedures. Also in the tray you can sterilize the instrument in an antiseptic solution such as lysoformin.