SX-10/1 Professional Cuticle Scissors EXCLUSIVE Type 1 (21mm) MAGNOLIA

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  • the perfect balance between the thickness of the sheets and the sharpness;

  • tapered tips;

  • classic bending radius of the blades (R300mm);

  • shortened handles - ensure the accuracy of the movements of the master;

  • manual sharpening under a microscope;

  • polished cutting surface for a better cut of the cuticle;

  • high hardness and smooth running;

  • high product strength

Professional cuticle scissors EXCLUSIVE 10 TYPE 1
The specially folded and tapered tip, which conforms to the shape of the nail hole, provides convenient and easy access to the material to be trimmed.

The scissors of this model have an exclusive design and décor. The total length of the scissors is 94 mm. The length of the working blades is 21 mm, the width of the blades is 3 mm.

The tips of the scissors are rounded and do not scratch the nail plate when working. Steel 40X13 with high corrosion resistance and polished recess on the back surface allows prolonging the high quality of sharpening with the longest possible use of the tool