Eyelash tweezers EXPERT 40 TYPE 8

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To highlight one eyelash in 2D-4D

technique, the polished working part

prevents glue from sticking together, the

uniform close-up throughout the area ensures a tight grip of the material, a soft move reduces hand fatigue while working.
40 X13 high corrosive steel;
The quality of the tool's surface treatment
High hardness, ensure the long-term operation of the tool.

Every lash-master, regardless of skill level and experience, should have a working arsenal that includes everything you need. One of the main tools of a specialist in this area is a special tweezers, with which the eyelash extensions are performed. The new addition of the Expert series the model TE-40/8 - is designed in such a way that the process of work was as comfortable as possible, and the result - ideal.

Expert 40 Type 8 (TE-40/8):

  • Suitable for classics and 3D modelling

  • 40 X13 steel, a material that is strong, corrosion-resistant and durable, is used for manufacturing.

  • Miniature narrowed edges are located at an angle of 85 degrees, which allows you to gently remove the eyelashes from the tape without dropping or damaging them;

  • The work area is carefully polished, which prevents the sticking of glue and extends the life of the tweezers;

  • Heat treatment in a special furnace gives the tool even more hardness and resistance to damage;

  • Wide ergonomic handles provide reliable grip and easy use;

  • laconic design is what you need for a master.

Tweezer TE-40/8 is a great option for both an experienced specialist and a beginner. Thanks to this tool, the procedure will be easy and high-quality, and customers will be satisfied with the result.