Eyelash tweezers EXPERT 40 TYPE 2 (L-shaped,70')

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To form a 2D-4D beam;
The polished working part prevents glue from sticking to it;
A uniform close-up throughout the area ensures a tight grip of the material;
Soft running reduces hand fatigue while working;
40 X13 high corrosive steel;
The quality of the tool's surface treatment
High hardness, ensure the long-term operation of the tool.

The curved tweezer is suitable for 2D-4D 3D build-up. Allows you to quickly and easily remove eyelashes from the tape, without deforming or breaking them. Stainless steel with high corrosion resistance, ideal resurfacing and polishing edges guarantee the tool durability, and the master - comfort and ease in working with it.

With this tweezers just to transfer the cilia to the eyelid. The main advantage of the curved tweezers is the tight close-up of the tips, with a slight compression the length of contact is 3-4 mm, which helps to form ideal beams.