Cutters Tray with lid EXPERT 20

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Size: 90x40x15 mm;
stainless medical steel;
can be used for disinfection and storage of instruments.

Tray with stainless steel lid for cutters 90x40x15 mm

An oval tray with a stainless steel lid for cutters is designed for storage, transportation, sterilization and pre-sterilization processing of attachments for hardware manicure and pedicure, as well as removable working parts of hand tools, including cosmetic. All parts are made of stainless steel - a durable, strong and reliable material with high corrosion resistance.

The Staleks steel tray can be safely used for soaking cutters (in combination with any disinfectants) and during sterilization in a dry heat cabinet - 8 mm steel is not afraid of moisture and high temperatures.

The lid closes tightly and does not allow the tools to crumble, so the container is also used for storing and transporting attachments. Even in the process of long and active operation, Staleks tray does not rust, does not deform and retains its original properties.